How To Attract Credible Industry Profiles To Your Project?By Kamile Kaselyteon

The success of a project is very much defined by its team. It’s not only that team members execute various tasks and run the project, but also increase the brand awareness. Each product or service can be marketed through the credibility of its team. Therefore, most recognizable brands had recruited top influencers, designers, business people and investors while building their businesses. Therefore, below you will find my tips on attracting top talent to your project and why it truly matters.

#1 Find The Link Between The Person And Your Business

Whether you are pitching someone to become advisory board member with a few obligations or to work for you full-time, have a proper look at the person’s profile. Motivation is very important and you won’t convince someone only with a competitive salary – your ideas have to be worth spreading. Therefore, build a team of people that are alike and have common interests and aspirations in relation to your business. Understand that most credible profiles in any industry have built their careers only because they were passionate about something. Hence, find links how they can become passionate about your business and work simultaneously with other team members to scale the business.

#2 Make Them Project Owners

A practice of distributing a certain amount of company’s shares to its employees is very common amongst startup companies. In countries where people understand the potential of such actions (many companies who went to Initial Public Offering or a large number of people who turned millionaires after selling their shares), team members and employees become much more involved and dedicated if they are remunerated with a certain stake of equity of the business. If company’s management is able to constantly communicate the value of everyone becoming shareholders or stakeholders (you can also provide incentives other than shares), there is a very high chance that you’ll have people working overtime to meet the targets of your business.

#3 Showcase Your Top Team Members To Attract New Profiles

If you were to convince some top-tier industry profile to join your business venture, you need to prove that other influential people are already on board with you. Why does that matter? The truth is that the more credible names you already have on your team, the more likely new ones will accept your invitation. Let’s say that you are about to send an e-mail to a famous NBA basketball player, asking to join your advisory board since you are promoting a sports app. Such task would become easier if you were to have a coach on your team who had previously worked with NBA teams or perhaps even coached the player you are about to recruit. These things do matter when attracting new profiles, simply because it gives a sense of trust and security that similar profiles already support such business venture.

#4 Find Synergy

It’s also very important to understand that things start accelerating at an exponential growth rate when people find synergy between the things they do. Let me illustrate it with an example: you want an influencer to promote your service, but you understand that the fees are higher than you can afford. On one hand, you understand that your business would benefit greatly from such advertising, but on the other hand you understand that your budget is limited and there is not much you can do. However, you can then look for synergy to collaborate. Does the influencer have her or his own label brand that you can integrate to your online or physical stores? If your business provides customers with holiday planning and luxury transportation, can you offer such services for the influencer with no additional cost?

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