Kamile Kaselyte is marketing and communications consultant who provides strategic consulting and communication services for companies on a mission to build profitable and sustainable businesses through insightful branding and communication. Kamile has successfully consulted companies from diverse sectors as well as worked with individuals starting their own label brands or building personal brands.

Her main areas of expertise include: public relations and communications, marketing strategy and its execution, digital marketing and social media, influencer marketing, product development management, new venture funding, e-commerce applications and brand identity creation.

Kamile Kaselyte holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Business from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Master’s degree in Communication Science from Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her areas of expertise have been strengthened and enriched by participation at various courses and programs at London College of Fashion, Polimoda Fashion Institute and University of Oxford. Besides professional development, Kamile is a vice-curator of Global Shapers Vilnius Community, an initiative by World Economic Forum, with a mission to shape a more inclusive world.